Are you a Young Living Business Builder and lately been frustrated that either things you used to do DON’T WORK AS WELL as they used to, or everything you try falls flat?

My name is Julie Behling-Hovdal and I am a Gold member with Young Living. I got started with Young Living clear back in 2005 and have seen many trends come and go with marketing in our industry and also, specifically, with Young Living.

Whether you have been feeling FRUSTRATED with lower enrollments and constant no-shows at classes including Facebook events, or you just want to take a peak into the future trends for our business, please watch my video.

I happen to live in Utah – we are not only the capital of essential oil companies, but one of the major MLM (network marketing) centers as well. Utah is ahead of the curve when it comes to both network marketing and essential oils.

I not only go into TRENDS for marketing Young Living both now and into the 2020’s, but share how our company founder Gary Young was WAAAAY ahead of his time and built Young Living on a foundation of this forward-thinking trends!!


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Video 1 – 5D Marketing for YL

  • What is 5D marketing and how does it apply to sharing YL?
  • What kinds of shifts do we need to make in our strategies depending on the level of saturation of the market?
  • What do all successful marketers in 2019 have in common? 

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Video 2 – A Fresh Look at Classes for Sharing YL

  • How can you craft a marketing message for our classes and events that people will respond to?
  • How can you focus on creating positive IMPACT rather than sales and rank, but get BETTER results with sales and upranking as a result?
  • How can you use the script on Real Causes and Solutions for Chronic Illness as the central hub for a duplicatable and IMPACTFUL system of building REGARDLESS of how saturated YL is in your local area?

Video 3 – Current Social Media Trends for Sharing YL

  • Why is it important to brand yourself on social media?
  • What should your primary focus be on social media?
  • What are some tips to provide valuable content to your followers?

Video 4 – Clearing the Emotional Baggage

  • How can trauma, both your own and that of your ancestors’, keep you from succeeding in your YL business?
  • How can you institute habits of good “emotional hygiene” in order to have greater success in all areas of life, including your YL business?
  • What are some of the tools that can help you clear emotional baggage easily and whenever needed?

Video 5 – Co-Creation & Manifestation

  • What are Olympic athletes taught to do in order to maximize their success in competitions?
  • What did Gary Young say was the secret to his success in creating Young Living?
  • What simple process can you begin to do in order to more effectively co-create your goals with God/the Divine?

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I will throw in this presentation script entitled CHRONIC ILLNESS, REAL CAUSES & SOLUTIONS (that heavily features information on the endocannabinoid system) along with a POWERPOINT presentation to go with the script – as a gift!!

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