I got the YL Business Tools presentation bundle, followed the directions and used the scripts, and I increased my YL business by 3000% within one month!

Randi Munns

YL Star

Get the Most Results in Your YL Biz with the Least Amount of Money & Effort

Created by YL Gold Julie Behling-Hovdal, Inspired by Dani Johnson’s Business Methods

Would you like to be able to teach classes and meetings for your Young Living business with greater confidence, knowing that the exact words you are using will get you the maximum results for your effort?

Would you like a duplicatable system that anyone on your team can use to get professional-level results in their business?

Are you tired of spinning your wheels with your Young Living business or seeing people in your organization struggle to get results?

YL Business Tools System
Young Living overview video
Everyday Oils script
Raffle pad

The YL Business Tools System Will Help You:

  • Feel fully-prepared and confident to teach Young Living classes/home parties on a variety of subjects, whether you are a beginner with Young Living and natural healing or a total pro!
  • Close more people in the room on getting started with Young Living right now without coming across as pushy;
  • Help you learn the most lucrative ways to start out building your business with Young Living — use these tips yourself and direct your new distributors to the system so they can gets results right away!
  • Help you avoid the most common mistakes people make when doing home parties and classes on Young Living products;
  • Help you avoid the most common mistakes people make when using social media such as Facebook to build their business;
  • Help you avoid the most common mistakes people make when building their Young Living business online with a blog;
  • BONUS – Payout $20 for each person you refer who gets the system!

For years I did elaborate meetings and home parties, using power points and things that made so much before and after work, and the results were discouraging. With the home party scripts from YL Business Tools, I simply read the information, tell the stories, share the product, and the sales are made for me. Literally, we went from a 30-50% closing ratio to a 90-100% closing ratio overnight . . . What is even better about it is that now our team members see us reading the scripts and say, hey — I can do that! Now we have better duplication on our team.

Dr. Mary Starr Carter

YL Diamond

Prior to getting started building my Young Living business, I really had no idea how to build a business. When I started training with DaniJohnson.com and learning how simple it is to build a business, I quickly realized I was going to need some tools that Young Living did not have available. I got the YL Business Tools presentation bundle, and using just one of the tools I brought in 52 new distributors in 101 days!! I highly recommend if you are looking for a way to build a professional business, that you invest in these tools!

Crystal Parrott

YL Gold

Using the scripts, I have been able to get up to a 100% closing ratio with my essential oil classes and have also been able to help two of my brand new people make over $500 their first month in business!

Julie Behling-Hovdal

YL Gold

After attending First Steps to Success, I decided I wanted to build a business with Young Living. I made $180 my first 3 hours working the business using the Essential Oil home party script from the YL Business Tools presentation bundle!

Rachel Jones

YL Executive