My name is Julie Behling-Hovdal and I am a Gold distributor with Young Living Essential Oils! I got started with Young Living in 2005 and had a pretty amazing experience with the products!

My Experience Building a Business with Young Living

Nobody was more enthusiastic about sharing Young Living than I was in 2005 after I started using the products and saw how they worked!.  I started out excited and full of belief, with no prior experience in business, and with no system to build with.  Needless to say, I fell flat on my face. I’m actually amazed I kept going! When I meet with other Young Living distributors, I find that unless they are part of a Young Living “mega-team”, most of them were just like me — eager and motivated to share Young Living but lacking in a concrete system!

In the Right Place at the Right Time

In 2007 I was in the right place at the right time to create a system for building Young Living that anyone can get results with!! I attended a First Steps to Success seminar with Dani Johnson and was blessed to be selected to participate in a small-group mentorship program with Dani — one of the most sought-after coaches in the home business industry who went from being homeless and $30,000 in debt to making her first million dollars just two years later!! In the course of my one-on-one and small-group training with Dani, I shared with her the lack of a system for building my YL business.  So  Dani actually gave me the presentation scripts that she herself used to go from being homeless at age 21 to making her first million dollars by age 23!  I spent months modifying these powerful scripts for Young Living and its products (and much, much more time since then re-working them for FDA compliance).  I did this initially for myself and my team members. I went from getting spotty results to often a 100% closing ratio on my home parties.  I tripled my YL check my first month using the scripts, and I helped several of my brand new Young Living team members use the scripts and earn hundreds of dollars in just a few hours of work! Over time, I have realized that not only for the new person, but for me — these scripts are far and away the quickest way to make money with Young Living!

Making the Scripts Available to Anyone

Several months later with the support of Dr. Mary Starr Parmley-Carter and Jay Carter, Young Living Diamonds, I made the scripts and presentation system available to anyone in Young Living as YL Business Tools (previously Young Living Tools).  Hundreds of Young Living distributors who have purchased the YL Business Tools system and put it in use have been able to increase their sales without sounding like a salesperson, and equip their new distributors with a system instead of having to re-invent the wheel.

After a few years building my Young Living business with my blog Essential Survival, I am now back to building Young Living with the simple, duplicatable systems I learned with Dani.  I am STOKED to be attending First Steps to Success seminars with members of my team, and I’m excited to see people get the equipping they need to build YL effectively!

FDA Compliance

Since the fall of 2014 when the FDA sent its warning letter to Young Living, I have gone to great lengths to rework the scripts in the YL Business Tools system for strict FDA compliance.  The most recent edit was completed in February 2016.  We are currently working with Young Living Essential Oils to get the YL Business Tools System Young Living approved!!